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Own the Enjoyment, Share the Expense, with the very best in shared ownership narrowboats!

Carefree Cruising is THE complete shared ownership company. Founded in 2002, we are run and staffed by boating enthusiasts who understand just what canal lovers want from their narrowboats and narrowboat holidays.

Our unique combination of high quality boats, oustanding value for money and unrivaled customer service have seen us grow rapidly. We now have 16 share boat syndicates under management, operating from 6 bases.


Festina Lente ("Make Haste Slowly") Launch Party, 3rd July 2010


Owning a share in one of our luxurious narrowboats will give you holidays every year for life at a fraction of the cost of hiring. In actual fact, it is impossible to find hire boats that are equivalent to what we offer, as our boats include a bow thruster, a washing machine / tumble drier and a dishwasher as standard. Not to mention the superb quality hull that attracts admiring looks and comments at every lock!

And when you consider that if you ever decide to hang up your windlass for good, you can sell your share and get a substantial amount of your purchase monies back, this is by far the most sensible and economical way to get afloat!

To ensure that you get the best, we build our own boats, using only the best quality materials. This means that we are able to ensure quality workmanship at every stage of the build – especially important when you consider that your boat will be in use for well over 40 weeks each and every year! And cutting out the boat builder’s profit means we can sell superb quality boats at value for money prices that our competitors find difficult to match.

We hope that find our site both useful and informative.

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